The Kabbalah Centre Seeks to Guide Followers to a Fulfilled Lifestyle

Throughout recent decades many people have embarked upon quests to attempt to find themselves in a spiritual sense; those who look to follow the ancient teachings of Zohar with the aid of The Kabbalah Centre usually find themselves searching for a new way to navigate life by losing themselves. The Kabbalah Centre follows the translation of the term Kabbalah, which can be understood in English to mean being receptive, in order to become a receptor for the great information passed from the universe to the people who follow Kabbalah a student must open themselves up completely to the Light.

In order to learn as much as possible about the world in which we live and the universe that surrounds us we must embark upon a thorough bid to learn as much as possible about the teachings of Kabbalah, including the chance to learn exactly what we are hoping to understand about the universe that often remains unseen. There are a number of ways to embark upon a period of learning through The Kabbalah Centre, such as embarking on a series of Online classes offered through the extensive Kabbalah University. The more common approach to learning as much as possible about the teachings of Kabbalah is to attend classes with a teacher offered by The Kabbalah Centre who will act as a guide to aid the individual during their own period of intense personal learning.

It bis important for any potential student of The Kabbalah Centre to understand this ancient religious teaching does not push the student in any particular religious direction; instead, the individual seeks to make their own personal breakthroughs by learning about the world around them as they learn to see more than is permitted by our five senses. Parables and stories are related to people through the work of The Kabbalah Centre with many interpretations available for students who wish to explore them in relation to the belief system they maintain throughout their lives.

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Adam Milstein Reveals His Reasons for Success

Known as an excellent real estate investor, community leader and philanthropist, Adam Milstein is a leader that has been impacting the business world for quite some time. Originally from Israel, this war veteran is a graduate of the prestigious USC.

Over the years he has maintained a successful career in real estate working with commercial real estate in Southern California in beginning in the early 1980’s.

During a recent interview Milstein discussed some important parts of his career. His idea for Hager Pacific Properties came after graduation. Unsatisfied with his current opportunities, Milstein ventured out on his own working as a real estate commercial broker.

After success as a broker, he decided to become an investor in real estate. According to Huffington Post, throughout Adam Milstein’s career one thing he values is setting goals. He believes not doing so is limiting. He refuses to listen to criticism and is committed to working hard. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

Milstein revealed some other interesting tidbits during his interview. As an entrepreneur, one thing he recommends is not relying on other people. Understand what issue is contemplate how to solve it. Milstein believes his habit of being consistent and persistent makes him a productive entrepreneur.

When asked about a failure he had as an entrepreneur Milstein states “Wanting to succeed big time in a very short time.” He feels he has learned that success is not always quick, but often a long journey.

Adam Milstein is a co-founder and of the Israeli-American Council. He is a member of several boards including Hasbara Fellowships and Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. Sticking with his philanthropic values, Adam Milstein co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a group that free Hebrew books teaching Jewish values to more than Jewish families in the United States.

Adam Milstein is a smart, hardworking business man who has made an incredible name for himself. With his work effort he is sure to be around for years to come.


The Traveling Vineyard Is Bringing A New Face To Wine

The wine industry is one of the most fascinating places to work. Many cultures have made completely different wines and the variety makes selling wine a delight in and of itself.

However, it is often difficult to find a path into the wine industry for many people because the largest wine distributors are already established and tend to disregard newcomers.

Fortunately, there is a new voice in the wine industry for those who want to become wine guides on their own time and in their own way.

Why Work As A Wine Guide?

Working for the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide gives you the chance to work at your own pace, create your own schedule, and direct your own path in life. All you need to do is find people who want to buy wine and point them to the right wine brands for them. The average wine guide makes about $100 per Harvest, but it’s possible to make greater profits if you wish. The training process is a breeze and after it’s done you can start finding customers of your own.

How To Become A Wine Guide

The training process to become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard essentially teaches you the direct sales process. Direct sales is often misunderstood by many, so you’ll want to learn the inner details very well. At the Traveling Vineyard you are your own boss and you have a great deal of freedom in the entire process. A scam would place unrealistic demands on you and force you to work against your own desires. You won’t find any of that working for the Traveling Vineyard.

Working From Home For Yourself

The Traveling Vineyard isn’t like other direct sales companies. The startup costs are low, there are no hidden fees, and you don’t need to keep any inventory on hand. After buying your success kit you won’t have much to worry about except a small maintenance fee. Working as a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard is the ultimate business opportunity. If you have drive, ambition, and you aren’t afraid of trying something new it’s the perfect chance to change a career or start an entirely new path in life.

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Jason Hope’s Specific Form Of Philanthropy

One thing that could be said for philanthropy is that there are many different forms of it. For one thing, there are many different ways that one can help others. One does not even have to save the whole world. One can just help one person or a whole family. One of the most important aspects of philanthropy is that it is fulfilling. This is one of the reasons that some of the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs take the time to get involved in philanthropic activities. They know the type of fulfillment they get from helping others. This is one of the reasons that it is important for many businessmen to find something that they can do to help others.

Jason Hope’s specific form of philanthropy is helping with anti-aging treatments. He has seen a lot of health issues. He has also looked at the way many medical professionals treat them. While there have been a lot of increase in availability of treatments, the effects of those treatments have been less than impressive even though they were somewhat effective. One of the most important factors of how a disease is treated is in the approach to the health of the person.

Jason Hope advises a more proactive approach to treating illness. For one thing, there are tons of diseases that are better not experienced. One thing that people understand is that the types of diseases that are better prevented than just treated are cancers and diabetes. It is possible that one could still contract cancer even with a proactive approach to preventing it.

Securus Technologies highlights GTL’s inaccurate statements

Richard Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He spoke in a recent press release stating wrongdoings undertaken by GTL. He stated his disappointed stating that he never thought GTL could go to such levels. Even though GTL has the responsibility of making money, it deserves to act in the best of customers. GTL has not acted according to integrity. Securus Technologies released a subsequent report that highlighted GTL’s wrongdoings and corrects its inaccuracies. GTL has acted in several wrongdoings in the past. Securus indicated that Global Tel Link adjusted their phones so as to record additional time on calls. The company charged higher rates than the industry set standards. Another wrongdoing performed by the company was that it practiced its customers more than once.


Securus stated that the release of wrongdoings is just the beginning. The firm stated that the company is set to release additional findings in the coming weeks. Securus Technologies noted that GTL has always published wrong information on their website. GTL released information recently where it stated that Securus Technologies had infringed its patent rights. Securus Technologies has since come out to state that GTL did not have any mentioned patents or innovations.


GTL made another claim stating that the U.S. Appeals Board has allowed them to use their PTAB patent. The firm went further to indicate that it was seeking for damages when Securus used its patents. However, Securus has come out to state that all those allegations were wrong.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the criminal, civil, and justice department. The company has availed its services to thousands of correction facilities in the entire United States.


The Business Ventures of Alexei and his Philanthropy in Russia

Alexei Beltyukov is recognized as a successful businessperson who has established many companies in Russia, which is his home country. He first studied medicine, but he chose to pursue business. Mr. Beltyukov acquired his excellent business skills from the INSTEAD University.

The learning institution is based in France. He is a member of the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship and has been offering scholarships to Russian students who join the University. The firms that he has established include Endemic Capital that was created in 2013 with a primary goal of supporting the activities of Russian startups.

Another company that he founded is that A-Ventures and its main service was to assist unstable companies by offering them financial aid. He was its managing partner from the time it was established in 2007 to 2014 when it was sold. His philanthropic activities have significantly assisted the people of Russia.

The entrepreneur started gaining interest in natural gas in 2006. He founded New Gas Technologies, which focused on the industrial use of the commodity. Alexei is currently serving the FORO. The company deals with the manufacture and commercialization of laser energy and how it can be of great importance in the mining, geothermal, natural gas, and oil industries. He observes the board of the company.

Beltyukov has been working for the Russian government since January 2011. He was employed to serve as the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, and his principal obligation there was to offer economic guidance. The organization’s primary function is to provide resources and business platforms to the Russian people who needed to create IT enterprises.

In 2004, Alexei Beltyukov founded a noteworthy enterprise that is known as SOLVY. The firm offers a dependable opportunity for students to learn hard subjects on their own as well as interact with their tutors. The learners can study over the internet while being supervised by the teachers. SOLVY has been making it easy for children to understand hard subjects like mathematics.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is an Authority in Cancer and Life-extension Research

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a world’s prominent oncologist and a researcher. He is experienced in cancer research on and works as a professor at the New York-based Roswell Park Cancer Institute. His brilliant works are recognized within and outside the United States.

Academics and professional expertise

Dr. Blagosklonny became a senior researcher and tutor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute New York in 2009. His appointment came after the Institute reviewed his extensive work experience gained from working with both colleges and other research institutes. He has an M.D in internal medicine and Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine.
Upon completion of his higher studies, Dr. Blagosklonny was called upon to serve as an associate professor at New York Medical College. He taught all medical students at the college. In 2002, he was appointed as the senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute headquartered in Albany, New York. This position allowed Dr. Blagosklonny to focus on his life extension research on

Dr. Blagosklonny’s interests and research hypothesis

Dr. Blagosklonny research interests are remarkable; they include cancer, aging, targeted cancer therapies that protect normal cells from cancerous ones, and anti-aging drugs. He has made big strides in research world by formulating a hypothesis in the significance of TOR Signaling in aging and cancer. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny proposed that Rapamycin, a popular cancer drug, might be used to extend life. He has held this concept for years, and he hopes to prove it in the future.

Editorial activities

Dr. Blagosklonny is the founder and chief editor of Oncotarget. Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering all areas of aging and oncology. Dr. Blagosklonny co-founded Oncotarget together with Andrei Gudkov in 2010. This journal is the leading open-access oncology journal in the United States. Additionally, he edits other journals such as Cancer Biology & Therapy. Dr. Blagosklonny also serves on the editorial board of Cell Death & Differentiation. He has authored over 270 papers with over 250,000 citations.


OSI Group Is Excelling

OSI Global is a company that services the retail and food service industries, with products including meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, poultry and vegetable products. OSI Group ranked number 66 in the top 100 food and beverage companies in the World. OSI Global is privately owned by CEO Sheldon Lavin, who was awarded with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin guided the company from a domestic company to a global food processor that brings in multibillion dollars every year. OSI’s headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois.

As part of their dream to expand their reach, OSI Group bought Baho Food, a Dutch company specializing in the food service and retail industry. Baho Food includes five subsidiaries with plants in Germany and the Netherlands. As part of the purchase, OSI Group transferred the management of Baho Food’s to OSI and are working at positioning the company properly to ensure long term growth. OSI Group’s acquisition of Baho Food gives the industry leader a larger presence in Europe. OSI also recently bought a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, with the intention of continuing to expand OSI Group operations.

Sheldon Lavin serves as Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Lavin’s first experience in the meat industry came in 1970 when he was arranging finances for OSI’s predecessor Otto & Sons. While not working on enlarging his company, he is an active contributor to many charities including Ronald McDonald House, Inner City Foundation, Jewish United Fund,Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and other local charities. Lavin is a Trustee for Ronald McDonald House charities, and a board member of the Goodman Theatre.

Sheldon bought half of the controlling interest in OSI Group after one of the original investors left the company. Sheldon Lavin currently serves as General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center and previously served as a Director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. OSI Group was ranked #58 on the Forbes list of largest private companies, calculating their revenue at $6.1 billion at the end of the 2015 Fiscal Year. OSI Group continues to provide the world with premiere food products and plans on providing the food industry for as long as the opportunity exists.

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Cone Marshall: The Leading Law Firm in International Tax Cases

Put yourself in the position of an investor who wants to break new grounds in New Zealand. How do you ensure your money transfer processes are smooth, taking care of the nitty gritties like tax compliance? Well, Cone Marshall is more than welcome to show you how.

According to Whos Who Legal, Cone Marshall is a New Zealand-based law firm that deals exclusively in mitigation processes centered on international tax transparency and compliance. The law firm was established in 1999 by two ambitious lawyers, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall.

Initially, the law firm penetrated the legal scene by building a portfolio on commercial litigation. As they broke even and amassed enough experience, they ventured fully into the delicate field of tax trust management.

Karen Marshall had served as a commercial litigation attorney in a London-based firm before coming to New Zealand. In her early years, she interacted with many professional clients who helped shape her advisory skills she now offers to statutory trustee firms. Learn more about Cone Marshall:

Geoffrey Cone also worked in a Britain Firm focusing on the issue of international tax, trustee, trust planning and trust management service. He is recently published an article defending New Zealand from an erroneous article that painted the country as a haven for tax evasion by international investors.

They provide advice on tax confidence, trustee services and guide international companies on forming partnerships within New Zealand soil. Cone Marshall also publishes numerous articles on the issues of international tax and wealth.

On international waters, Cone Marshall is a renowned legal firm that provides commercial litigation to a number of global clients. They are one of the few law firms in New Zealand that were able to expand globally, and it is evident why.

Besides their impressive legal expertise, Karen and Geoffrey also double as seasoned entrepreneur with strong management skills. They were able to come up with a unique model of service delivery that streamlines everything making process faster and their legal firm stronger.

Cone Marshall has been able to employ focused and determined personnel to work in various departments in the law firm, one of their major goals was to reduce backlog by eliminating all the bureaucratic barriers that slow down cases in a court of law.

They also have invested a lot in technology to help present their services better to clients. This new technology they employ provides great transparency to clients, making them aware of the status of their ongoing cases as assigned attorneys work on them.

IAP Worldwide – Leading Logistics Solutions Provider

The history of IAP

IAP Worldwide specializes in global operations and logistics, base operations support services, and professional and technical services. Since 1953 IAP has engaged in many historical activities including building and operating America’s first space launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida. To date, the company has participated in support testing for more than 2,500 space launches in addition to manning several shuttle programs. The company offers top-notch services in planning, engineering and construction management. With investments worth 370 million dollars in government contracts, IAP Worldwide Services is a trustworthy partner of the U.S military since 2004 having managed several activities including power generation, transport services, and emergency disaster relief.

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IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 million

Mission, Vision, and Values

At IAP, solving our clients’ most pressing challenges using proven technology, unparalleled expertise on, and sheer genius is key. We take your problems as our own and align ourselves according to your vision by focusing on the task at hand. Appreciating that there is no standard solution to any particular challenge, we offer top notch services and uphold our charter values for the satisfaction of our clients. Focus, agility, capabilities, commitment and strict values ensure that our customers’ most pressing needs are met.

Human Capital

With more than 2,000 employees and operating in more than 25countries across the globe, IAP Worldwide Services is a leading global provider of logistics, facilities management, professional, and technical services. From managing, maintaining and operating military installations, research labs, and even civilian facilities, IAP is the go-to organization for logistics solutions of all magnitudes. A non-discriminative policy promoting the hiring of all groups ranging from men, women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities offer an unrivaled pool of expertise to choose from and a diverse work environment like no other. Providing a conducive working environment for our employees is of utmost importance to the company with core values that include respect, responsibility, integrity, ingenuity, and purpose. IAP Worldwide Services employees are empowered with the requisite resources, knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively and efficiently handle client needs successfully. Continuous upgrading of our employees’ knowledge and skill does not only ensure that we offer the best services to our customers, but it also ensures that our employees’ morale is upheld and boosted bringing out the best in the team.