IAP Worldwide – Leading Logistics Solutions Provider

The history of IAP

IAP Worldwide specializes in global operations and logistics, base operations support services, and professional and technical services. Since 1953 IAP has engaged in many historical activities including building and operating America’s first space launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida. To date, the company has participated in support testing for more than 2,500 space launches in addition to manning several shuttle programs. The company offers top-notch services in planning, engineering and construction management. With investments worth 370 million dollars in government contracts, IAP Worldwide Services is a trustworthy partner of the U.S military since 2004 having managed several activities including power generation, transport services, and emergency disaster relief.

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IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 million

Mission, Vision, and Values

At IAP, solving our clients’ most pressing challenges using proven technology, unparalleled expertise on iapws.com, and sheer genius is key. We take your problems as our own and align ourselves according to your vision by focusing on the task at hand. Appreciating that there is no standard solution to any particular challenge, we offer top notch services and uphold our charter values for the satisfaction of our clients. Focus, agility, capabilities, commitment and strict values ensure that our customers’ most pressing needs are met.

Human Capital

With more than 2,000 employees and operating in more than 25countries across the globe, IAP Worldwide Services is a leading global provider of logistics, facilities management, professional, and technical services. From managing, maintaining and operating military installations, research labs, and even civilian facilities, IAP is the go-to organization for logistics solutions of all magnitudes. A non-discriminative policy promoting the hiring of all groups ranging from men, women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities offer an unrivaled pool of expertise to choose from and a diverse work environment like no other. Providing a conducive working environment for our employees is of utmost importance to the company with core values that include respect, responsibility, integrity, ingenuity, and purpose. IAP Worldwide Services employees are empowered with the requisite resources, knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively and efficiently handle client needs successfully. Continuous upgrading of our employees’ knowledge and skill does not only ensure that we offer the best services to our customers, but it also ensures that our employees’ morale is upheld and boosted bringing out the best in the team.

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