How Roberto Santiago has attained Success in the Shopping Mall Business

Roberto Santiago is a businessman who is recognized in Joao Pessoa, Brazil due to the top notch shopping malls that he has established. He has excellent entrepreneurship skills, and the leading businesses that he has ventured in are real estate and entertainment. His outstanding entrepreneurship skills have enabled him to transform various business opportunities into highly profitable companies. Roberto has been determined about be a successful businessman from when he was still young.

The entrepreneur was born in 1958 and has spent most of his life in Joao Pessoa. He completed his higher education at the Pio X-Marist College and later enrolled at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Santiago holds a business administration degree from the university. He then started his business undertakings when he was an employee of a top café that was located in Santa Rosa. He worked for the eatery for a few years and gained capital to establish a company that majored in the manufacture of various decorative products. His administrative role at the firm enabled him to acquire skills and experience on how to manage retail enterprises. Visit his profile page on

In the 1980s, Roberto had accumulated some wealth, and he decided to venture into real estate undertakings. In 1989, he launched a state-of-the-art shopping place that is known as Manaira Shopping. It is considered as the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa and is also a landmark in the area since it has existed for more than two decades. The mall has been a tourist attraction in the city due to its excellent architecture designs and the strategic position where it is located. Roberto Santiago has been dedicated to ensuring that customers get an exclusive shopping experience whenever they visit the place. He has made sure that the mall has excellent entertainment facilities that can be used by its guests. Santiago takes part in the management of the shopping center.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is huge and had more than 280 businesses. They include fashion stores, fitness centers, an elector amusement park, game centers, a food court, a kid’s zone, a movie theater and many other enterprises. The amenities that are offered at the shopping center ensure that customer have a nice time whenever they are there. Manaira Shopping’s reputation has enabled it to attract people from the city and across the country.

Another major facility that has Manaira Shopping boasts of is the Domus Hall. It is regarded as one of the city’s largest concert halls. It is spacious and can accommodate more than 8000 seats. Mr. Santiago has expanded the size of the shopping center five times since 1989 to accommodate the constantly rising population of the city. He has also ensured that all its facilities are modern. Learn more at Wikipedia about Roberto Santiago.

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