What Doe Deere Has Done to Separate Herself From the Masses

The makeup business is really booming for Doe Deere and she knows that her customers are loyal. She was born in Russia, but she grew up in the United States and spent a lot of time in New York. She has also lived in California, and this large exposure to different cultures is giving her the ability to present a diverse brand of cosmetics.

She has been able to captivate a number of customers through social media because she’s wired into her consumers with video blogs through YouTube as well as tweets through Twitter. What Doe Deere has managed to do is establish herself through her online community, and this has given her the ability to promote Lime Crime in a wonderful way. She has been able to build a brand that has worked well in a community where there is a lot of competition. She has managed to gravitate towards a young millennial crowd of consumers that is into something new.

She did not want to spend all of her time trying to duplicate what was already in motion with companies like Mary Kay. Doe Deere wanted her own thing. She did not want to be another Covergirl company. She did not want her brand to look like Revlon, and her ambition to break away from this shows. There any colors that are submitted through her group of workers that present an entirely different flavor for the cosmetics industry. What Doe Deere has proven is that she can compete with many people even if she is doing something different from what the rest of the people in the industry are doing.

Doe Deere has proven herself to be a very strong competitor that has transitioned in a very quick fashion. The Lime Crime brand has not been around for a long time, but the customer base is strong. More than a million people are following the Lime Crime Instagram profile. This within itself speaks volumes about what Doe Deere has done to promote her brand. She is adamant about cutting costs so there is no television marketing. Doe Deere also does not spend a lot of time doing interviews about the brand. She is more inclined to simply speak on her role in the cosmetics and fashion world as a whole. She promotes different the brand through videos, and she typically wears a lot of what she is promoting.

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