Hillside Assistance at InnovaCare Health with Penelope Kokkinides

Human health has never been an option but rather a priority. Whereas it is our responsibility to nurture our bodies in healthy and safe environments, we also rely on medical facilities and doctors for quality health care. To this end, we consider Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health Services one individual we can turn to for our medical needs. Penelope is currently the CEO of InnovaCare, a position she took in 2015. For many years, the facility has facilitated government programs so as to create efficiency in health systems. In so doing, a majority of people have benefited from improvements in disease management, public health, and administration, special programs, case, and disease management, as well as in health care operations. Under Penelope’s guidance, the institution has been able to evolve and succeed.

However, Penelope Kokkinides worked in other organizations before her arrival at InnovaCare. Institutions that were most fortunate to have her on board include United Healthcare, Americhoice, Aveta, Touchstone, and Centerlight Health System. She also worked as a volunteer for the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation. In a span of twenty years, Penelope has been able to transform from a naïve lady to an experienced one. Despite her many years of experience, she is currently a volunteering board member at Fundacion Dorada. According to Penelope, her success at InnovaCare Health has not come in vain. By Kokkinides making use of strategy and a robust working team, her leadership skills have been able to bear fruit. She has learned to adopt and adapt to different working conditions since her work detail is highly dynamic in nature. She might be traveling today, but then tomorrow she is comfortably settled in her office. Thus, getting used to different working conditions is what has guaranteed her success. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch.com.

Besides, Penelope has built proper working conditions for herself as well as for the employees working under her. In so doing, she has ensured a continuous flow of synergies within InnovaCare Health. Penelope also believes in technology. She has for a long time found a way of appreciating innovations since she believes that there is a need for companies in this modern age to make use of technological advancements. Through this good habit, InnovaCare has experienced more success that it has ever witnessed before. Penelope Kokkinides also understands that one can never successfully lead an institution without having the desire to keep in touch with written content. To this end, she spends her free time reading content that is related to her professional work so as to stay abreast of current trends. Read more about Penelope on Bizjournals.com.

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