Traveling 120,000 Miles Across America on Greyhound Buses- the Story of Doug Levitt

Anyone that has been through the prison system knows that the best transportation service for people that are getting out of the system is the Greyhound Buses. To the rest of the population, this is a mode of transportation that is seen as a last resort. One man who has been traveling on these buses for the past 13 years, on his volition is Doug Levitt. The artist and former news correspondent have traveled over 120,000 miles across the country on these buses, and in the process, he got to know and understand the other side of America and more information click here.

He recently opened up about an experience that he had with a neo-Nazi. He states that the man had an incredible prison tattoo on his arm, a Hitler. The man was kind enough to offer Doug a Tuna sandwich to eat during their 20-hour journey and kept to the floor while Doug slept on the seats. Doug Levitt says he received a lot of information about the American prison system from the man. The experience is not the first that Doug has had with the forgotten side of the society. He started his journey out of a need to understand the human condition and more information via Twitter.

Doug Levitt wanted for a very long time to understand the suffering that people in the worst conditions of living go through. He quit his job as a foreign correspondent for ABC and CNN to go on this journey. In addition to the Greyhound buses, he has also traveled to Rwanda, Bosnia, and Iran and interacted with the communities in the war-torn countries. Out of all these experiences, a beautiful music album was born and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

About Doug Levitt

Doug is the youngest child of Washington D.C former mayoral candidate and city council member Carol Schwartz. He graduated from Woodrow High School before joining Harvard. When Levitt was a teenager, his father committed suicide, something that shaped his career in becoming a musician. He has a Masters in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Through his travels, he captured thousands of images that he has showcased at various art exhibitions across the country and learn more about Doug.

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