Building a Brand that Lasts

Everyone is a brand by themselves. The gifts and the skills in a person define the brand that they sell to the world. Different people have diverse skills and talents. These talents can become the best in the world if nurtured well. The experience of training a talent sharpens it. It eventually becomes the greatest in the world. Dick DeVos is an individual who has exercised his talents. He has used them to develop a brand that is solid and credible in the society. Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur. He has developed some of the greatest products that people have endorsed.


Dick De Vos began his journey when he joined his father at their family business. He worked with his father and developed an interest in business. Dick learned how to work as a team member under his father. He learned critical business skills. He learned how to lead as a servant leader. His interest in business made him enroll for a degree in Business Administration. This knowledge informed his ways of doing business. The knowledge polished the parts that experience did not. He grew to understand different strategies that are essential in the business world. He has developed himself as a business brand. He has been able to find his companies. He runs some of the companies with his wife. He supports his wife and her career. Dick is an example of a person who has achieved it all in all areas of his life. He has developed to be among the richest Americans. This shows that it has taken him hard work and dedication to achieve various goals. His capacity to lead has enabled him to be an efficient leader. This has helped him to develop all his businesses.


This should serve as a lesson to young people in the society. Many young people aspire to achieve success in all areas of their lives. They are dedicated to the dreams and visions. This enables them to focus on major decisions in their lives. They should look up to people like Dick because he is living proof that hard work and determination pays off. Dick DeVos is also a recognized philanthropist. His contribution to the society makes his brand unique and one that people can relate. People should invest in others to build an inclusive society. Dick is a role model to many people in society.



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