Jeremy Goldstein’s Expertise As A Executive Compensation Expert

When an event occurs in which a person needs a lawyer it can be difficult locating an appropriate one that his knowledgeable in the circumstances they find themselves in. Knowing this fact, the New York Bar Association has offered lawyer referral services over the phone for many years. While that will continue, the bar is now making it easier than ever to get a lawyer referral by launching an online website dedicated to this task.

Getting a recommendation online for a lawyer is a no pressure way of finding a good lawyer experienced in relevant case law. The user of the website inputs all of their relevant information and this is all reviewed by bar staff. The staff member then refers the user to an attorney that has offices near them so that consulting with the attorney is more convenient.

If the person does decide to meet with the lawyer the first 30 minutes of the consultation will only cost $35. The referral itself if provided free of charge. The $35 consultation does not apply to certain types of cases like medical malpractice claims.

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York attorney who operates Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He has held his license to serve as a lawyer since 1999. It was at the New York University School of Law that Jeremy Goldstein earned his Juris, Doctor, Law degree.

As an attorney who has specialized in executive compensation during his professional career, Jeremy Goldstein has advised the compensation committee, CEO’s, and boards of some of the biggest corporations in the United States. His legal opinion is commonly sought out when two companies need legal help working out legal issues about executive compensation when there is a mergers and acquisitions transaction or other transformative events.


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