Paul Mampilly – Financial Guru You Can Trust When It Comes To Stock Market Investments

Investing and making profits in the stock market is not easy for everyone, and only people with experience or who have the ability to analyze the market trends and equities can make significant returns. However, having the right mentor and getting guidance from the right person or place can also make a huge difference to your stock market investment portfolio, and the returns it gets you.

One of the leading experts on the topic of equity investments in the United States is Paul Mampilly, who has spoken on the subject innumerable times and is a well-known author as well on stock market investments. Having worked as a hedge funder, financial analyst, financial advisor, and a banker for close to three decades on Wall Street has helped him gain great insight about the stock market investment and the financial market in general.

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Over the years, working with small, medium and large sized clients and handling their stock market portfolio has helped him gain considerable insight on how to devise a winning strategy for making profits in the equity market. He shares his opinion and advises on stock market investment on Profits Unlimited, one of the biggest and the most popular equity investment based newsletter in the United States. Recently, Profits Unlimited crossed the milestone of gaining over 60,000 subscribers, which demonstrates the popularity of the newsletter. In the Profits Unlimited newsletter, Paul Mampilly shares with the subscribers, stocks that he feels would be doing well shortly.

Paul Mampilly also suggests weekly picks on his website, where through a model portfolio, people can check out how his recommended stocks have been doing. In the past, Paul Mampilly has worked for multi-national conglomerates such as Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International. Paul Mampilly is also hugely famous around the world for winning the prestigious and fiercely competitive investment competition organized by Templeton Foundation. In the competition, he made a very sharp investment strategy that allowed him to convert $50 million to $88 million through smart investments in the stock market and other investment means. Paul was able to do achieve that in the market that was facing one of the worst recessions in recent times.


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