Avaaz Speaks Out on Worldwide Issues

Avaaz is a civic association. Avaaz promotes worldwide activism. Avaaz addresses several issues on a daily basis. Some of the issues that Avaaz gets involved in are the effects climate can cause the environment over time, rights of each and every individual, rights of all animals, exploitation, and scarcity of different areas.

Avaaz made its appearance in the year 2007. Since its launch in 2007 Avaaz continues to be the world’s leading and most influential activist system. It consistently empowers millions of individuals to speak up and have a voice regarding issues that are happening worldwide. This civic organization makes worldwide change. On a daily basis this civic organization signs petitions, funds campaigns associated with the media, uses emails to communicate about issues, gets involved contacting and petitioning administrations, and organizes influential demonstrations and occasions. Avaaz continues to rapidly increase as an influential cooperative force.

Avaaz has had several victories over the years. Avaaz has contributed towards keeping the internet unrestricted from business control and administration expurgation across 4 continents. Since its establishment Avaaz has also been part of positive and influential ocean preservation triumphs. Avaaz has also worked beside courageous community front-runners that are speaking out to eliminate pesticides. Avaaz has also created supportive campaigns that involve phone hacking and the victims that experienced the phone hacking. Over the years Avaaz has donated millions towards several worthy causes. Over half of Avaaz’s donations have gone towards saving and rebuilding lives that have gone through humanitarian disasters. Avaaz has had tremendous victories fighting against widespread exploitation. Avaaz has also had the victory of saving bees from destructive killing pesticides. Flickr Photos.

Avaaz communicates in 17 dialects. This civic organization has 44,934,221 members, 301,820,217 actions, and 2,792 campaigns.

In conclusion,this civic organization shows amazing generosity and support on a daily basis.

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