Why Betsy DeVos is an Influential Figure in the Education, Political and Philanthropy Sectors

Elisabeth Dee DeVos, popularly known as Betsy DeVos, is an American businessperson, philanthropist, and political fundraiser. She was also nominated and later appointed to serve as the US Secretary of Education. As a philanthropist, Betsy joined hands with her husband, Dick DeVos to form the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. She is the daughter of a wealthy billionaire, Edgar Prince. Her late father is the brains behind a multi-billion venture known as Prince Corporation. She got her high school diploma from Holland Christian School and her undergraduate arts degree in economics from the Calvin College. Betsy met Dick when he was the CEO of a lucrative business venture known as Amway. Both Betsy and Dick had parents who were wealthy businesspeople. For instance, Dick’s father was Richard DeVos, who made billions from his multi-level marketing called Amway. Betsy DeVos is also a devoted Republican Party member. She served as the party’s Michigan National Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997. She also chaired the Michigan Republican Party office for four years. As a supporter of education reform initiatives, she has held different positions in institutions such as All Children Matter PAC, Foundation for Excellence and the Action Institute.


Career Highlights


Betsy and Dick DeVos established a name for themselves in the ever-changing business sector when they founded the Windquest Group. The company’s investment portfolio lies in profitable sectors such as technology, renewable energy, and manufacturing. Betsy currently oversees Windquest’s strategic planning initiatives as the chairperson. Besides Windquest Group, the couple has also invested in Neurocore. The company is made up of several brain performance centers providing biofeedback to patients with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and autism. As US Secretary of Education, Betsy began implementing education reform programs with a goal of improving the quality of learning. She has visited learning institutions such as Valencia College’s Osceola County Campus, Florida International University, and the Brookings Institution.


Charity Work and Activism


Most of Betsy’s philanthropic activities are undertaken through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Since 1989 when it was established, its operations have mainly focused on arts, education, the community, leadership, and justice. The organization has contributed over 139 million dollars to initiatives themed on these topics. Furthermore, the DeVos family contributed $11.6 million in donations in 2016. The family’s efforts were recognized by Forbes Magazine, which ranked them in the 24th position of American Top Givers list. The organization also funds institutions like the Center for Individual Rights, Baptists for Life and Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center. Also her involvement in the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, Betsy is also involved in other charity groups. These include the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and ArtPrize. In the education sector, her involvement with the Detroit charter school network has been about enabling needy students to attend school and get a quality education.


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