Karl Heideck Enlightens The Philadelphian Community About The New Law On Salary History

Recently, Philadelphian attorney Karl Heideck provided vital insights on the new legislation passed which prevents employers from inquiring about how much their prospective employees earned. When this law was brought into the public limelight in January, the city of Philadelphia became the first municipality to prohibit the employers from asking about the salary history of the employees that they are planning to hire. This legislation received massive attention mainly because it was initially perceived as controversial.

A number of people argued that the law limited employees from gathering information about the people they want to hire. Nonetheless, a few individuals and organizations such as the organization for worker’s right advocated for the law. Today, the support has increased and many residents in Philadelphia understand this new legislation. Much of the comprehension is due to legal professionals such as Karl Heideck. He has consistently explained the role of the law.

According to Karl, the law is vital in bridging the gender gap in respect to pay. The gap has been wide and unreasonable and thus needing closing. Historically, men earned more than women and this new law is there to particularly correct this. Karl argues that both men and women should be weighed by the same scale and be remunerated based on merit and not gender. Even though the law is active currently in Philadelphia, the prospects of it reaching far and wide are high.

Who is Karl?

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphian-based legal consultant. He is experienced in different legal genres such as Corporate Law, Litigation Law, Product Liability and Employment Law. He graduated from Swarthmore College in 2003 with a Law Degree and went on to advance at Temple University and earned a Juris Doctor in 2009. After graduation, Karl Heideck got into professional law practice in Philadelphia and has been popular among the locals.

Karl Heideck is highly skilled in dispute resolution, settlement, negotiations and communication. He receives much experience by filling clients’ complaints and responding to the same. He is known to actively defend his clients’ interest effectively and enjoys an impressive case winning rate. Karl Heideck is regularly providing legal insights to the public especially on new legal changes affecting the citizens and the state.


Overall, Karl Heideck is an experienced lawyer. His consultancy skills make him important in the city of Philadelphia. He is always constantly informing the community on various controversial legal issues. Today, Karl is among the top rated and celebrated legal consultants in the US.

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