Lori Senecal Explains on the Latest Advertisement Trends, Marketing Approach and Facebook Advertising

As an advertising and marketing expert, Lori Senecal provides insight into the latest advertising trends and their significance to business endeavors. Senecal claims that mobile advertising has seen an upward trend mainly because many people own smartphones. Similarly, Senecal claims that both Google and Facebook are also experiencing an increase in advertisements and thus they are generating astronomical revenue from the same. However, most business owners have started employing software in blocking Internet ads, a phenomenon called ad blocking.

Lori Senecal also argues that media marketing including Internet advertising works best when firms leverage latest technologies that facilitate customized advertising and GPS-targeted marketing and provide great customer experience. She also claims that the conventional marketing approaches have weakened due to digital arena-based competition and thus the need for companies to incorporate guerilla-advertising techniques into such approaches. While guerilla-advertising techniques are largely perceived as staged events and outdoor advertising, they can be translated successfully into social media, print and website advertising. Lori Senecal leads Crispin, Porter & Bogusky’s top talent team, which has revolutionized the advertising sector by exploiting the compulsive rule breakers, advertising professionals, coders, technologists and advertising media channels in designing outstanding campaigns.

On Facebook advertising, Lori Senecal contends that a certain social media advertising strategy may work for one company but not for the other. She further explains that the prerequisite to a successful Facebook advertising is having a clear goal rather than merely posting an advertisement on Facebook. She emphasizes on the importance of creating effective Facebook ads that customers can interact with and respond to. According to Senecal, an effective Facebook ad is the one that create visual appeal, relatable, and capable of evoking human emotions, among other things.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is an outstanding global business leader. Currently, Seneca is the CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. She has demonstrated great leadership and excelled in the digital and creative marketing industries. At Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Senecal is charged with various responsibilities including managing and coordinating its international offices and overseeing its global expansion.

She has made a remarkable impact on the agency’s culture and business, transforming it into a collaborative, agile and inventive global agency. Her focus on talent and effective leadership has enhanced the growth and development of the agency across geographies and disciplines.

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Doe Deere’s Morning Secrets And How It Helps Her Manage Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s success can be traced down on one of her passions: make up. She loves putting make up on her face, giving her confidence every day. And one fateful day, she had an idea to build a company which would focus on her favorite hobby, which she would name Lime Crime later on.



Her life as a young entrepreneur is no different from the youth of this age. She is concerned with how she presents herself, which is why she’s making sure that her health is being monitored thoroughly. She had shared some of her secrets as to how she is achieving a healthy lifestyle despite having to face the challenges of the business world every single day. According to her, the key element into achieving a healthy life style is a good amount of sleep. She is sleeping almost nine hours a day, and waking up exactly at 8:30 in the morning the next day. She believes that her body clock is already programmed to wake up at that time, and reveals that an alarm clock is no longer needed. After waking up, she would eat healthy breakfast which is composed of grains, fruits and vegetables. She believes that what you eat will determine the fate of your health, so she’s sticking with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. And then, she would also do some exercises, enough for the short period of time she has every morning. These exercises can be simply, and can be done in a short amount of time. After doing some exercise, she would start checking her e-mails and contacting her staffs who are already at the office to be updated as to what’s already happening. She maintains a very open relationship with her work mates, often giving all her available contacts just to keep the communication strong. Then, before leaving for work, she checks her social media accounts and puts up some timely update.



This morning rituals that Doe Deere has looks just like what a normal young person would do every day, but hers is fairly different, as it is giving her an opportunity to think about new ideas that she could share with her team, that would actually help her company out. New products in her company’s portfolio are a result of her dedication, hard work, and playful imagination. She wishes her company success, as they are working on more make up innovation.

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