Paul Mampilly – Financial Guru You Can Trust When It Comes To Stock Market Investments

Investing and making profits in the stock market is not easy for everyone, and only people with experience or who have the ability to analyze the market trends and equities can make significant returns. However, having the right mentor and getting guidance from the right person or place can also make a huge difference to your stock market investment portfolio, and the returns it gets you.

One of the leading experts on the topic of equity investments in the United States is Paul Mampilly, who has spoken on the subject innumerable times and is a well-known author as well on stock market investments. Having worked as a hedge funder, financial analyst, financial advisor, and a banker for close to three decades on Wall Street has helped him gain great insight about the stock market investment and the financial market in general.

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Over the years, working with small, medium and large sized clients and handling their stock market portfolio has helped him gain considerable insight on how to devise a winning strategy for making profits in the equity market. He shares his opinion and advises on stock market investment on Profits Unlimited, one of the biggest and the most popular equity investment based newsletter in the United States. Recently, Profits Unlimited crossed the milestone of gaining over 60,000 subscribers, which demonstrates the popularity of the newsletter. In the Profits Unlimited newsletter, Paul Mampilly shares with the subscribers, stocks that he feels would be doing well shortly.

Paul Mampilly also suggests weekly picks on his website, where through a model portfolio, people can check out how his recommended stocks have been doing. In the past, Paul Mampilly has worked for multi-national conglomerates such as Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International. Paul Mampilly is also hugely famous around the world for winning the prestigious and fiercely competitive investment competition organized by Templeton Foundation. In the competition, he made a very sharp investment strategy that allowed him to convert $50 million to $88 million through smart investments in the stock market and other investment means. Paul was able to do achieve that in the market that was facing one of the worst recessions in recent times.


Anthony Petrello- A Big Win for Business

Anthony Petrello has been a force in business since he graduated from Yale University with a degree in mathematics. He then went on to Harvard Law School where he received his Juris Doctorate degree. Tony is remembered fondly at both Universities where he started on his life journey and more information click here.

At one point it was believed that Anthony Petrello would go on to Academia and become a teacher and researcher in mathematics. Indeed according to his old Yale roommate, Tony was somewhat of a prodigy in mathematics, something along the lines of Good Will Hunting. What Academia lost in promise and talent the business world gained.

Anthony Petrello went on to work at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. He cut his teeth on the law there and practiced general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. He was the managing partner at Baker & McKenzie from 1986 in the firm’s office in New York.

He resigned from Baker & McKenzie in 1991 when he joined Nabors Industries. Making the jump from a law firm to an international drilling corporation must have been a big deal but Anthony Petrello took it in stride. He has served as both the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company from 1991 to October of 2011.

Since 2011 until the present time he has changed up his strategy a bit in the company. Anthony has been serving as the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee. These positions allow him to continue to direct and steer the company through a corporate environment that is both competitive and dynamic and learn more about Anthony.

Mr. Petrello also he also divides his time between a few other corporations such as Stewart and Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company where he is the Director. However, Mr. Petrello does not give all of his attention to corporations he is also a serious advocate for the health of disabled children. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He and his wife have been strong advocates for research and development of medical programs that are needed to help children that have neurological disorders and resume him.

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Traveling 120,000 Miles Across America on Greyhound Buses- the Story of Doug Levitt

Anyone that has been through the prison system knows that the best transportation service for people that are getting out of the system is the Greyhound Buses. To the rest of the population, this is a mode of transportation that is seen as a last resort. One man who has been traveling on these buses for the past 13 years, on his volition is Doug Levitt. The artist and former news correspondent have traveled over 120,000 miles across the country on these buses, and in the process, he got to know and understand the other side of America and more information click here.

He recently opened up about an experience that he had with a neo-Nazi. He states that the man had an incredible prison tattoo on his arm, a Hitler. The man was kind enough to offer Doug a Tuna sandwich to eat during their 20-hour journey and kept to the floor while Doug slept on the seats. Doug Levitt says he received a lot of information about the American prison system from the man. The experience is not the first that Doug has had with the forgotten side of the society. He started his journey out of a need to understand the human condition and more information via Twitter.

Doug Levitt wanted for a very long time to understand the suffering that people in the worst conditions of living go through. He quit his job as a foreign correspondent for ABC and CNN to go on this journey. In addition to the Greyhound buses, he has also traveled to Rwanda, Bosnia, and Iran and interacted with the communities in the war-torn countries. Out of all these experiences, a beautiful music album was born and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

About Doug Levitt

Doug is the youngest child of Washington D.C former mayoral candidate and city council member Carol Schwartz. He graduated from Woodrow High School before joining Harvard. When Levitt was a teenager, his father committed suicide, something that shaped his career in becoming a musician. He has a Masters in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Through his travels, he captured thousands of images that he has showcased at various art exhibitions across the country and learn more about Doug.

Personal Development

One of the most important things that will determine your success in life is your personal development goals and dreams. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area of the business world. If you want to take your life to the next level, you can do so by following the plan of Scott Rocklage. He is the type of person who is always willing to help you in a varied of ways. With 5AM Ventures, he wants to help people who have a big plan for their life. There are a lot of people who struggle with how to help other people in a variety of areas of business. Whether your goal is to start a business or get healthy, waking up earlier with a plan can help you in a number of ways and read full article.

Scott Rocklage
When Scott Rocklage started out in business, a lot of people wanted to learn from him on a plan that would help them over time. Now is a great time to start thinking about ways that you can help other people in their life and career. Over time, Scott Rocklage has proven that he has been able to help other people get to the next level. If you want to learn from someone who is in business to drive value for others, this is the way to go. Scott Rocklage is a great leader of other people, especially as it relates to helping others along the way. Now is a great time to try and figure out how to change your life by following his plan and learn more about Scott.

Future Plans
In the coming years, Scott Rocklage wants to help other people who are ready and willing to learn about the future and how to prepare for it. If you want to change your life, get on a plan and start waking up earlier and Scott of Website.

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Arthur Becker Handles the Tribeca Boutique Project Alone

Technology guru Mr. Arthur Becker has been quietly financing some of the most successful and bug developers including Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone. However, time has come when he decided to put his name to the project. Becker a one-time big shot investor has also turned himself into a developer as proven by his filing a field plan at the attorney general’s office in New York State. He plans to develop an eight unit building located Tribeca, 465 Washington Street. The projected sellout for this development is estimated at $52.5 million.

Mr. Becker revealed in an interview that the boutique project’s interiors will be designed by Paris Forino. Mr. Becker Arthur bought this land as a primer and got into his homebuilding career then progressed to keeping a macadamia orchard in Hawaii before finally venturing into the fiancé and tech world. He loved the Tribeca location because of its manageable size. The project upon completion will have 7 simplex apartments and a penthouse duplex. The asking price for the units will be between 5 million dollars and 14 million dollars for the penthouses. He has bought a lot of surrounding property to help accommodate his expansion plans.

About Arthur Becker

According to Wikipedia, Arthur Becker is a New York native having been born in the city in 1950. He works in New York in the Tech and Financing industry and has recently taking up development and real estate. He graduated from Bennington College with qualification mixture of ceramics and photography. He went to Dartmouth for business school. His first job on houses involved moving 18th century American houses to New England. Alongside this, he became the CEO of two tech companies.

In an article on PerezHilton, he resumed photography in 1990 with the goal of introducing a trait found n paintings known as visual artifact. He is very passionate about building, which is seen from his earlier role as an investor and supporter of developers to the current shift of being a developer himself. Real Capital analytics reveal that Becker’s investments on projects in New York are in a tune of 550 million dollars. However, no one knows for sure how much he has parted with.


Equities First Holdings Transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (Australian Company)

Equities First Holdings, (EFH), a provider of alternative shareholder financing, together with its Australian auxiliary, Equities First Holdings (Australia) – EFH/A communicated the delight for the EFH to have begun the trade with the Environmental Clean Technologies ( ECT) in giving money that will be used in building of major projects within India.

ECT is recorded with the Australian Stock Exchange with ASX: ESI as the ticker symbol. The Melbourne-based association that invests noteworthy energy in outlining R&D and doing business leading-edge coal beneficiation, driving edge coal beneficiation and iron-making technologies. The funding that ECT receives from EFH is used to help in financing of the $30 million development and innovative office in India and what Eric knows.

“ECT is an innovation association with a solid organization team established and a well-laid-out course of action for future accomplishment,” Al Christy, Jr., the president and CEO at Equities First, said. He also added that, “EFH is happy to have the ability to offer the funding that is critical to help ECT meets its money related targets and continue with the work of working out on the mineral technology code and emerging energy. The Equities First in Australia is based within Sydney and operates with other satellite working offices Melbourne and Perth. The association’s Australian Financial Services License has the reference number: 387079.

Glenn Fozard, the ECT Chairman commented, “ECT sees that EFH is the overall pioneer in securities based lending and having them engaged to help in financing their Indian project is vital to keeping the outcomes on-track and on-time. The Australian EFH team has exhibited honesty and expertise having been a great support in setting up the trade.” From 2002, Equities First has been furnishing its clients with optional lending services with the publicly traded stock used as guarantee. To this day, the company services have grown beyond imaginable levels.

David Giertz on the Importance of Informing Clients About Social Security

David Giertz sits down with Veronica Dagher, columnist, and WSJ Wealth Adviser, to talk about the need for Financial Advisers to speak to their clients about Social Security.

David Giertz discusses a survey, conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, of consumers who are either retired or are ten years from retirement. The findings of the survey showed that most advisers aren’t talking to their clients about Social Security and that 4 out of 5 people would switch advisers if their current adviser was not talking to them about Social Security at

He goes on to discuss why advisers may be avoiding the topic of Social Security, positing that it’s a rather complex topic on He notes that the Social Security Handbook contains 2,700 rules.

He moves on to why it is important for advisers to take an interest in Social Security. Social Security may account for up to 40% of an individual’s income retirement planning process on Proper planning for social security can greatly optimize retirement income as the survey found that turning on Social Security too early can lead to a loss of up to $300,000 over 25 years.

David Giertz’s interview with WSJ outlines the importance of advisers focusing on Social Security with their clients and the possible consequences of avoiding the topic.

David Giertz has worked for a myriad of financial companies including Skokie Federal Savings, The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Citicorp Investment Services, and Nationwide Investment Services. He has served as Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance since April of 2013.

He is also President, Vice President and Director of Sales for other Nationwide Companies. David is based out of Dublin, Ohio. He is a registered Broker through FINRA and possesses over 31 years of experience in his field.