Securus Technologies Introduces Wireless Containment System For Regulation of Inmates Mobile Phones

I read the story about former South Carolina corrections officer Robert Johnson whose primary responsibility for 15 years included confiscating contraband like cell phones from inmates. Johnson was shot six times at home by an unknown gunman on March 5, 2010, two weeks after intercepting items smuggled by a prison gang worth $50, 000. Reports said Johnson died twice on the operating table because of six wounds in the chest and stomach but refused to give up. Police arrested an ex-convict, Sean Echols and later charged the man for the attempt on the officer’s life. Since then, I learned that Johnson had 23 more surgeries and lives through pain on a daily basis. However, the unfortunate experience did not deter the man from helping prevent crimes because of inmates getting and using cell phones illegally.


Johnson testified before a hearing conducted by the Federal Communications Commission and proposed how to control smuggled cell phones in various prisons. Corrections employees consider the matter a leading safety hazard. The FCC standardizes airwaves utilized by cellphone firms. Securus Technologies eventually hired Johnson as a consultant. The company created the wireless containment system (WCS) or cell phone detection system to prevent inmates from using cell phones. A spokesperson for Securus said the company practically installed a cell phone network. They can do anything with the numbers dialed through a phone attached to that system.


An antenna provides a steady signal to cell phones attracting incoming and outgoing calls to or from the prison. Prisoners believe getting connected to their networks since Securus broadcasts on the band of selected carriers. They only allow identified as well as 911 to connect while disallowing unauthorized numbers. Securus claims prison facilities that adopted their system have already blocked around 1.7 million calls made by convicts. Securus Technologies provides technology solutions for civil and criminal justice institutions in the fields of public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring.


The company cited a recent short video clip taken inside Evans Correctional Institution showing a prisoner, Jose Ariel Rivera serving a 10-year sentence for housebreaking, wielding a knife. The public profile for inmates indicated it was not the first time correction authorities caught Rivera using a cell phone. Securus said the WCS could easily detect illegal use of cell phones and help prevent many violations. In that case, the phone of Rivera could not have connected to a commercial network. Last March, the FCC restructured the system for prison facilities concerning accessing contraband exclusion technology like WCS. The agency reduced paperwork and compelled wireless carriers nationwide to collaborate with correctional institutions. Securus has already invested more than $40 million for technologies such as the WCS until the present time.



Capabilities Being Displayed By Securus Technologies

The best way to know about Securus Technologies is to read the testimonials from its clients. The company has been around for more than a decade. During this time, the correctional facilities have relied upon all those technology solutions that are being offered by them. This is the vendor of choice for all its clients. This is because it is committed to revolutionizing the environment at the incarceration facility. Now it is progressing towards helping its clients to improve safety in their jurisdiction.


I realize that it is the vision of Securus Technologies that has impressed all its clients. The current assessment by Securus Technologies is enough to bring a change inside the jail. The company sees what is happening inside and what all is to be done to make the place safer. Securus Technologies is developing emerging capabilities. This will enable the investigations still further and improve jail security. In fact, the authorities claim that even the inmate-on-inmate crimes have reduced in a big way due to these interventions by Securus Technologies. They provide investigative tools that have helped to solve cases that have remained unsolved for long. It is the capabilities provided by Securus Technologies that intertwines with the aggressive investigative mindset of the jail authorities. The result is a safer jail and incarceration facility for the inmates. This is also good for the friends and families of the inmates as they know that their loved one is safe behind bars.


There is a vast amount of reporting data being provided by Securus Technologies. This has helped to enhance the proactive measures of the agency. It aids in monitoring as well as deterring the incidences of contraband inside the facilities.


I have come across several instances in which firearms were being smuggled into the prisons. Even this is being controlled and stopped through technology.



Securus Technologies Monitoring Inmate Activities

Just because a person is locked up inside the jail does not mean that they are going to be deprived of the things that they have been accustomed to getting while free on the outside. To the frustration of me and my fellow inmates, there are many inmates who talk openly about being able to get things like drugs and alcohol into the prison. These things make the jail a more dangerous place to work, so we take some very serious efforts each day to try and control the flow of any contraband into the hands or cells of these inmates.


Although we have a number of resources available to us, perhaps the biggest is the inmate call monitoring system that was placed in the jail by Securus Technologies. The company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and his Dallas-based business has a thousand employees who have said that they are serious about the objective of their company. That objective is simple, making the world a safe place for us all to live. To the credit of the company, they already have over two thousand of these call monitoring systems inside prisons all over this country.


Once I was shown how the LBS software worked, me and my team could not wait until we got to see what type of chatter was going on inside our facility. That first day we were amazing at what transpired on the phones. We heard calls about inmates requesting family sneak in a cellphone. We found out how one inmate was able to get alcohol in his cell. There were two inmates discussing how they did drugs in their cells after dark. Although we were shocked at what happened on the phone, it was a great feeling knowing we could take immediate action to eliminate those threats.

Securus Technologies Making Use Of Innovations In Technology

Securus Technologies is a leader in providing criminal as well as civil justice technology. This is being used for public safety, correction, monitoring as well as for investigation. In fact, the company is always coming out with innovative products as well as services. This is because they are in touch with people on the ground. They are always asking their clients, which are mainly prison and jail officials, about what is working well and what new products or features they need in their old products in order to make their work easier.



I have seen how Securus Technologies gets flooded with the thousands of emails and letters regarding how their products are helping these officials to solve cases and make the communities safer. This is not all. These clients are also asking for added innovative features that would help them to nab criminals.



In fact, I have come across a letter which was sent by jail officials who were in the middle of an investigation. Here they asked the company about its covert alert feature. They made use of this feature to nab a culprit and solve the case.



The incarceration environment has been revolutionized as Securus Technologies provides features for monitoring too. They have made use of the latest technology in order to have a backend data center that allows for recording and monitoring of calls. This helps in stopping things from happening in order to make the world a better place. This can help parolees, the inmates, their families and the community as large.



I am well aware that Securus Technologies is always extending an open invitation to their present as well as potential clients to visit their Knowledge Center. This way they can familiarize themselves with the latest innovative products and services being provided by this company.


Securus Technologies highlights GTL’s inaccurate statements

Richard Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He spoke in a recent press release stating wrongdoings undertaken by GTL. He stated his disappointed stating that he never thought GTL could go to such levels. Even though GTL has the responsibility of making money, it deserves to act in the best of customers. GTL has not acted according to integrity. Securus Technologies released a subsequent report that highlighted GTL’s wrongdoings and corrects its inaccuracies. GTL has acted in several wrongdoings in the past. Securus indicated that Global Tel Link adjusted their phones so as to record additional time on calls. The company charged higher rates than the industry set standards. Another wrongdoing performed by the company was that it practiced its customers more than once.


Securus stated that the release of wrongdoings is just the beginning. The firm stated that the company is set to release additional findings in the coming weeks. Securus Technologies noted that GTL has always published wrong information on their website. GTL released information recently where it stated that Securus Technologies had infringed its patent rights. Securus Technologies has since come out to state that GTL did not have any mentioned patents or innovations.


GTL made another claim stating that the U.S. Appeals Board has allowed them to use their PTAB patent. The firm went further to indicate that it was seeking for damages when Securus used its patents. However, Securus has come out to state that all those allegations were wrong.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the criminal, civil, and justice department. The company has availed its services to thousands of correction facilities in the entire United States.