Jeremy Goldstein: Why People Believe Him With Their Legal Needs

People in New York now have a convenient solution for your legal needs. With more than 72,000-member in NY State Bar Association, LRIS is the biggest voluntary state bar association in the whole nation. LRIS or Lawyer Referral and Information Service have launched an online portal for people who are looking for a lawyer. Their private service is readily available throughout the day and seven days a week. So your call won’t get unanswered. It is a short review about how LRIS works, and you can take most benefit from this service.



A person who is in need of a lawyer visit the online portal and fills out an initial/confidential questionnaire that will help them to describe themselves and also their location and legal issue. The staff at State Bar will begin reviewing the questionnaire and will try finding an ideal match with an attorney who is doing practicing near your home address or in a nearby community.



If a person lives in any of the countries where LRIS deals in, they will ask their business partner to contact that potential client so that you can get quality legal assistance in your city, town or country. The referrals are completely free, but if a person talks with an attorney, there would be a fee for initial 30-minute consultation and i.e. US$35. However, exceptions can make according to the severity of your case or the importance.



Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in a boutique law firm known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, and Jeremy Goldstein dedicated to advising CEOs, compensation committees, management corporations and teams in corporate governance matters and executive compensation and much more.



Before becoming a partner in this firm, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at the law firm Rosen & Katz, Wachtell, Lipton and few others. Jeremy Goldstein involved in numerous largest transactions of past decade and that was the reason he became famous in no time.


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