Cone Marshall: The Leading Law Firm in International Tax Cases

Put yourself in the position of an investor who wants to break new grounds in New Zealand. How do you ensure your money transfer processes are smooth, taking care of the nitty gritties like tax compliance? Well, Cone Marshall is more than welcome to show you how.

According to Whos Who Legal, Cone Marshall is a New Zealand-based law firm that deals exclusively in mitigation processes centered on international tax transparency and compliance. The law firm was established in 1999 by two ambitious lawyers, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall.

Initially, the law firm penetrated the legal scene by building a portfolio on commercial litigation. As they broke even and amassed enough experience, they ventured fully into the delicate field of tax trust management.

Karen Marshall had served as a commercial litigation attorney in a London-based firm before coming to New Zealand. In her early years, she interacted with many professional clients who helped shape her advisory skills she now offers to statutory trustee firms. Learn more about Cone Marshall:

Geoffrey Cone also worked in a Britain Firm focusing on the issue of international tax, trustee, trust planning and trust management service. He is recently published an article defending New Zealand from an erroneous article that painted the country as a haven for tax evasion by international investors.

They provide advice on tax confidence, trustee services and guide international companies on forming partnerships within New Zealand soil. Cone Marshall also publishes numerous articles on the issues of international tax and wealth.

On international waters, Cone Marshall is a renowned legal firm that provides commercial litigation to a number of global clients. They are one of the few law firms in New Zealand that were able to expand globally, and it is evident why.

Besides their impressive legal expertise, Karen and Geoffrey also double as seasoned entrepreneur with strong management skills. They were able to come up with a unique model of service delivery that streamlines everything making process faster and their legal firm stronger.

Cone Marshall has been able to employ focused and determined personnel to work in various departments in the law firm, one of their major goals was to reduce backlog by eliminating all the bureaucratic barriers that slow down cases in a court of law.

They also have invested a lot in technology to help present their services better to clients. This new technology they employ provides great transparency to clients, making them aware of the status of their ongoing cases as assigned attorneys work on them.