The Business Ventures of Alexei and his Philanthropy in Russia

Alexei Beltyukov is recognized as a successful businessperson who has established many companies in Russia, which is his home country. He first studied medicine, but he chose to pursue business. Mr. Beltyukov acquired his excellent business skills from the INSTEAD University.

The learning institution is based in France. He is a member of the INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship and has been offering scholarships to Russian students who join the University. The firms that he has established include Endemic Capital that was created in 2013 with a primary goal of supporting the activities of Russian startups.

Another company that he founded is that A-Ventures and its main service was to assist unstable companies by offering them financial aid. He was its managing partner from the time it was established in 2007 to 2014 when it was sold. His philanthropic activities have significantly assisted the people of Russia.

The entrepreneur started gaining interest in natural gas in 2006. He founded New Gas Technologies, which focused on the industrial use of the commodity. Alexei is currently serving the FORO. The company deals with the manufacture and commercialization of laser energy and how it can be of great importance in the mining, geothermal, natural gas, and oil industries. He observes the board of the company.

Beltyukov has been working for the Russian government since January 2011. He was employed to serve as the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, and his principal obligation there was to offer economic guidance. The organization’s primary function is to provide resources and business platforms to the Russian people who needed to create IT enterprises.

In 2004, Alexei Beltyukov founded a noteworthy enterprise that is known as SOLVY. The firm offers a dependable opportunity for students to learn hard subjects on their own as well as interact with their tutors. The learners can study over the internet while being supervised by the teachers. SOLVY has been making it easy for children to understand hard subjects like mathematics.